See a timeline of our services

Take a look below at a step by step timetable of how we work , from Design and Planning right through to Property Management and Completion.

Building Plans


1 - Site Survey 

We will conduct a full survey of the property. It will then take up to 10 working days to product the CAD drawings which will show the current layout and structure. 

2 - The Design 

Our team of designers will work along side you to create the design you are looking for that works along side your budget. This process will involve a couple of face to face meetings over a couple of weeks. 

3  - Submission

Once we have decided on the final design and are happy that it will work with the structural requirements.  


 4 - The Quote  

This step of the process involves a visit from one of our pricing team members, they will talk you through the design and what your looking to achieve. This will then help them generate the quotation. 

5 - Party Wall 

This is a step in the process that we can not offer in-house, we can recommend surveyors we have worked with in the past and assist you with any information you may need to supply. 

6 - Programme

Producing a detailed programme is vital to a successful project. It is in place to set out the key stages of the build, highlighting the key elements and will ensure each element is timely delivered to the site. 

7 - Contract & Deposit 

Once our quote is agreed we generate a contract for the works. Attached to this contract will be the detailed programme and a payment schedule.

8 - Building Control 

We are comfortable working with the local council's building teams but are also flexible should you wish to employ a independent surveyor.

Office Desk
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9 - Pre Start Meeting 

Before our agreed production start date, we will arrange a meeting to give you the opportunity to meet your project manager and site manager who will be with you throughout the project.  

10 - The Build

During the build process we will ensure that our sites meet and are compliant with health and safety by monitoring this regularly and liaison with the council and building control. We will constantly check the standard and quality of work to ensure it will meet the standards you expect. 

11 - Project Management  

Throughout the project we like to schedule regular meetings to keep you up to date with the process and whats currently happening while also ensuring the project runs smoothly without delay.

 12 - Interior Design

If required we can also help with interior design through your property or one specific area. We can be involved with just a brief part of this or as much as required. We have a long source of supplies that are adept at sourcing the required items. 


 13 - Completion

Once the project has finished, we will carry out and extensive inspection to with you where we will sign off the project. You will be handed all the manuals, warranties and instructions for any equipment that we have fitted. 

 14 - Retention Period 

You will hold on to the retention payment for three to six months after the project has finished. At this stage we will contact you to arrange a appointment where we can go over and works that still need work. We will then arrange a suitable time with your project manager for these works to be carried out. At this stage, once all the works are completed your project is fully completed.

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